Jim Lynch

Senior Instructor at Tactical and Defensive of Texas

Jim has more than 20 years of law enforcement experience. He has trained in KOGA (self-defense techniques) and various other martial art forms. He earned his firearms teaching certificates under a FBI firearms instructor program. Jim qualified under this training to teach shotgun, revolver, semi-automatic pistols and carbine such as the Mini-14, AR-15 and M4s. He has shot competitive matches against many other branches of law enforcement such as police swat teams, border patrol officers, the marshals office, and immigrations officers. Jim worked with the Secret Service on different occasions including guarding Presidents as well as being assigned to various dignitaries from foreign countries. He was assigned by his agency to be a body guard for Lt. Colonel Oliver North and twice North’s defense team hired him privately.  Jim has been through the Glock Armory Schools as well as Remington Shotgun and Rifle schools plus Smith and Wesson earning an armory certification at each.  Jim became a TECLOSE certified instructor for the State of Texas in 2000 this enable him to teach law officers across the state.  He began teaching the state requirements to obtain a concealed handgun license in September of 1994 and established Tactical and Defensive of Texas with his partner Larry Browning in 2008. Jim and Larry have taught over 4000 students outside of the law enforcement world.

Larry Browning

Larry most recently comes to TDT from the world of competition shooting where speed and accuracy are both emphasized. Competition, sport and defensive shooting continue to evolve and grow in popularity with new products and gear available for every level of shooter. However, the one thing that doesn't change is the fundamentals of marksmanship which is the foundation of all of our weapons instruction.

Larry also developed his shooting skills and his passion for weapons training very early on while working with a private defense contractor here in the states. During this time those skills were honed while training alongside and instructing those in our US military, private defense contractors, law enforcement, high-risk judicial workers and of course the private citizen with a desire to protect themselves and their families.

TDT offers challenging, informative and real world training while maintaining a safe and disciplined class environment and firing line. Larry will assist you in building that solid foundation of marksmanship and discipline. As a Certified Texas CHL instructor, a Certified NRA instructor, an experienced range officer, safety officer, and defensive weapons instructor he merges his insights from years of competition and training with the day to day reality of defensive carry.

Aubrey David

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The Firing Range
The Firing Range
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Shooter's Ready.....

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All Classes Beyond CHL & Basic Handgun Will Require A Current CHL or Current US LEO Identification or US Military Honorably Discharge Papers or US Military Active Duty ID. Tactical & Defensive Of Texas Reserves The Right To Deny Training To Any Individual Or Organization At Any Time, For Any Reason.