Tactical & Defensive Shotgun

Students attending this course will learn basic tactical & defensive shotgun skills.

Subjects Include:
1. Firearm safety

2. Weapon selection

3. Weapon & ammo capability

4. Physical and psychological limitations

5. Carry method

6. Use of cover

7. Malfunctions

8. Reloading

9. Threat recognition

10. Firing positions

11. Shooting on the move

12. Use of C&C

Class Specifics:

  • Class Time : 8 Hours
  • Cost : Please Call For Pricing

Equipment Required:

  • Combat style 12 or 20 ga. (full stock)
  • 100 rounds (verify type)
  • Safety glasses
  • Hearing protection
  • Rimmed hat
  • Cleaning kit

All Classes Beyond CHL & Basic Handgun Will Require A Current CHL or Current US LEO Identification or US Military Honorably Discharge Papers or US Military Active Duty ID. Tactical & Defensive Of Texas Reserves The Right To Deny Training To Any Individual Or Organization At Any Time, For Any Reason.

2017 CHL Class Dates

2017 Class Dates
October 28
November 25
December 23

For Advanced Class Dates
Contact TDT for a list of dates & details for advanced classes. Group and private classes available at our private facility.

Our Staff


Director & Sr. Instructor
Jim Lynch
(972) 965-8711
Unit Instructor
Aubrey David
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Senior Instructor
Larry Browning
(972) 989-3278
Unit Instructor
John Baker

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