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LTC classes are normally held on the 4th Saturday of each month with exception to November & December,
please check back or email us when it gets a little closer. 
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Defensive Handgun 1

This class is designed to introduce
the experienced handgun owner to
to the real world of defensive
systems and deployment.
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Defensive Handgun 2

This training emphasis will focus
improving weapon safety and management
bringing your 
confidence level up to
where you will be 
comfortable in
carrying your weapon with you 
at all times.
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Defensive Handgun 3  

This class is designed for the
student who desires to become
more proficient and dynamic
with their handgun.
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Tac & Def Carbine

This course includes zeroing the
carbine, precision shooting and
close quarters drills.

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Tac & Def Shotgun

Students attending this course will 
learn basic tactical & defensive 
shotgun skills.
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Basic Handgun 101

This class is designed to introduce
the responsible handgun owner to 
the fundamentals of how to use a
in a safe, yet efficient
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Why Choose Tactical & Defensive of Texas


Tactical and Defensive of Texas is one of the premiere concealed handgun license and tactical weapons training facilities in Texas. Our instructors have over 20 years experience teaching Law Enforcement Officers and civilians the safe and effective use of weapons for self defense. Whether your a professional seeking tactical weapons training, an individual looking for CHL Certification, or a family wanting your children to learn safe use of guns for hunting we have the experience to meet your needs.





LTC Class Qualifying on the Firing Line
LTC Class Qualifying on the Firing Line
Training with Scott Phillip and his training company - TAC-FROG
Training with Scott Phillip and his training company - TAC-FROG

"Great instructors good class nice range. Would recommend to everyone."

Darren B.

"Great instructors - They are very friendly and patient."

Tom M.

Staff Contacts

Director & Sr. Instructor - Jim Lynch
(972) 965-8711

 Senior Instructor - Larry Browning
(972) 989-3278

Unit Instructor - Aubrey David
(469) 877-8327


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All Classes Beyond CHL & Basic Handgun Will Require A Current CHL or Current US LEO Identification or US Military Honorably Discharge Papers or US Military Active Duty ID. Tactical & Defensive Of Texas Reserves The Right To Deny Training To Any Individual Or Organization At Any Time, For Any Reason.